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  • lejudicieux
    Nov 27, 01:33 AM


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  • Postal
    Jan 12, 12:07 PM
    are you kidding me?

    Macbook Air?


    There's no way Apple would ever call something that.

    You've pretty much guaranteed that MacBook air is the name.

    Any time someone says "there's no way Apple would ever call it <insert widely rumored name here>," Apple promptly named it as such.

    It goes by a variant on the same rule which guarantees anything suggested by MOSR will never come true.

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  • jav6454
    Mar 24, 03:39 PM
    Can anyone explain the nVidia hate?

    Because they suck, and have put up subpar product offerings. Also, those products need a NUCLEAR REACTOR to power and burn houses quicker than gas does.

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  • Bengt77
    Sep 1, 01:39 PM
    wouldn't swapping a conroe chip in be an option? just go to Fry's and buy the chip then.
    No, the Conroe and Merom are not, as they call it, pin-compatible. The Yonah and Merom are, by the way. So yeah, it makes sense for Apple to go with the Merom, but that doesn't mean I like it one bit.

    EDIT: Sorry, roland.g, you beat me to it.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 26, 02:54 PM
    I think that these two quotes from Tim Cook during the last Apple quarterly call, put the nail in the coffin:

    "We've got the largest app store ..."

    "... iPhone's integrated approach is materially better than Android's fragmented approach, where you have multiple OSs on multiple devices with different screen resolutions and multiple app stores with different ... "

    Since Apple itself uses the word generically, I don't see how anyone can argue that it's not.

    From Apple's perspective, they have largest app store and it is named "App Store".

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  • SpinThis!
    Apr 12, 09:15 PM
    I don't want to make video the main part of my business, just a complement.
    Please don't become one of those photographers who thinks they can "just add video" to their list of services because their DSLR shoots video. It's a lot more complicated than that.

    I'm kinda glad FCP and other tools cost as much as they do. It keeps the professionals serious about their craft. Having been on both sides of the fence, being a photographer doesn't make you a videographer and vice versa.

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  • KilGil27
    Sep 6, 07:08 PM
    It costs me nothing to walk into town (about 10 minutes) or bike (5) and pick up a DVD at the municipal library for �1.50. Occasionally I'll copy it to my hard disk if I didn't have the time I thought I would have to watch it and watch it later, then delete it.

    Unlike music, you rarely watch a movie twice. Why buy or store these on your hard disk for longer than it takes to view it?

    I've not bought a movie since 1995 on VHS. It's was just kind of silly having them litter up your shelves then and your hard disk now.

    you don't watch movies more than twice? I feel bad for you...

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  • JunBug119
    Nov 26, 10:44 PM
    Hate it when a coworker shoves me an order form and I feel obligated to purchase something.

    Tennis elbow sucks

    For my netbook

    For the mentioned netbook cause I hate using the trackpad

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  • zioxide
    Jan 12, 11:28 AM
    are you kidding me?

    Macbook Air?


    There's no way Apple would ever call something that.

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  • Alan-in-NC
    Mar 23, 08:03 PM
    I cracked open my 5th gen 80GB last year and replaced it with a 220GB kit from Apricorn, so I'm not sure why this drive has been described as "new".

    Regardless, like many people here, my library is huge (over 12K songs, plus videos, podcasts, etc), so a flash-based iPod wasn't a solution for me. I'm glad they'll keep the Classic going for awhile longer.

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  • aluni
    Sep 17, 03:12 AM
    You're right. Making the consumer deal with their flawed product and not even apologizing for selling a fuxored product is VERY reasonable. :rolleyes:

    Yes, most users are right-handed. :rolleyes:

    Ok, you admit that CR gave it a fair review...more than fair. It's the highest-rate phone ever....

    A real fix.

    I'd call that reasonable given ALL iPhones have the problem. Some people don't experience the problem simply because they are right-handed and don't hold their hand over that part of the phone. That doesn't mean the phone isn't flawed. Would you want a car that has no transmission problems as long as you never shift into 3rd gear?

    "But you can SKIP 3rd and go straight to 4th! I always shift that way! I have NO problems with my car!" :rolleyes:

    I dunno. Some people think defective products ought to be fixed and not just given excuses by fanboys whose greatest daily activity is to light incense at Steve's alter in their basement. :eek:

    You can't mail a new part to owner and expect them to put it on. Your comparison is beyond absurd.

    They "sez" that do they? While I be sure and tellz 'um da truth, yo, not just hock Steve's warez fo him.

    I would say it's more like irony that certain people think that a consumer orientated magazine ought to ignore their base and give corporations free advertising and LIE to the consumer about flaws the products have and say they dont' exist and that everyone should buy their product while they take money under the table in the form of advertising (how most magazines accept "bribes" from corporate sponsors; just look in any stereo magazine. They won't ever badmouth advertisers' products because they know the advertisers won't buy any more ads from their magazine so you get bullcrap "reviews" that do nothing more than advertise for the company buying their ads instead of telling the consumer how it actually performs. CR does not do this. They don't take advertising for precisely that reason. It's a complete conflict of interests.

    But you seem to think CR should take Apple's dime (or just do it for free) and hide their defects and give a full recommendation on a product that is clearly defective and should have been recalled an FIXED not just covered up with cases that they no longer wish to include. Apple has given themselves bad PR on this issue by not doing what needs to be done, all in the name of saving them money when they've got more than enough cash to make things right for everyone. But why should they when they have groupies that go out on the web and make excuses for them 24/7?

    so the iphone 4 is their highest rated phone ever, based on their tests and they do not recommend it. Doesn't that mean they need to fix their rating system?

    Point is that it IS their best phone. So Apple set out to make the best phone and CR's own testing validates that!

    Looks to me like if you can't recommend your best product, then it isn't your best product!

    You like others who have bought into the google backed media campaign are totally dismissive of the top rating the phone actually got from CR and only focusing on the cannot recommend aspect. If CR cannot recommend their best product, then their rating system is flawed. End of story. Why should apple recall the top rated product in history!

    I am left handed and have absolutely no issues with the iphone 4.

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  • cohen777
    Apr 12, 10:20 PM
    and compressor?

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  • mwayne85
    Apr 19, 10:57 AM
    What are these "Macs" you speak of?

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  • dreamsburnred
    Mar 24, 11:04 PM
    A refresh is expected soon...

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  • henrikrox
    Mar 25, 05:49 PM
    Wow amazing I just hope more debs gets creative with this.

    I love people say that this is the future of gaming. I agree with that.

    Then stupid people say we have ps2 graphics. They said future of gaming. Not now. Just look at the jump from iPad 1 to 2. Think 3 years from now when we have CPUs with quad cores and even better graphics.

    Amazing by the devs that created real racing 2. Looks fantastic

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  • jharv
    Nov 26, 03:04 PM


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  • Platform
    Jul 13, 11:42 PM
    So, how long till it comes to laptops? :D

    And on top of that, its only going to be a viewer, right? I mean have they created any Blu-ray burners, yet?

    I really don't want to buy a Macbook Pro until it has Merom, 802.11n, and blue-ray, cause I know those are all going to be standard in less than a year and I can't afford to have a crippled laptop for 3 yrs.

    Hopefully it won't be too far, I've saved enough cash.

    Not long, as others have said its for sale for the desktops and I know that HP or someone has put and HD DVD player in a laptop ;)
    Edit: Sony is selling VAIO laptops with Blue Ray players !

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  • macfan70
    Nov 29, 03:47 PM

    In regards to the iTV, will Apple maybe release different versions?
    1. Just stream and 802.11n Hub Device
    2. With HD and EyeTv.
    3. Mac Mini/iTv Combo Media Center

    Just a thought.

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  • The.316
    Nov 24, 01:41 PM
    ^^^Picture thread, dude. Picture thread. ;)


    You really going to make me post pictures? :( Ill post them when I get the box. Instead of paying the $250 all this stuff would have cost me to ship to Greece, I shipped everything to my cousin, with free shipping on some, and it will only cost about $110 to ship with the post office here.

    Apr 2, 09:09 AM
    You have some good points here....but the basic arguement is how to survive in the future - How to grow the business....Itms doesn't make any money for Apple, the ipod is going to have too many similar players. So why not go for the lower end of the market - eg: like they did with the old "LC"s machines. People buy software but they don't want to shell out alot of money for hardware.

    no worry, people's been saying that apple's been dying since like 10 years ago. and increasing the marketshare doesn't mean it's growing and not increasing the marketshare doesn't mean its future is doomed.

    look at gateway. it just acquired eMachines and "doubled" its marketshare to 7%. apple is half that. and guess which company has been more profitable recently? which company is debt free? (hint: it's not gateway) and which company had to expand beyond just selling cheap PCs to continue its operation? (another hint: it's not apple.)

    i see absolutely no economic reason why apple should bother selling cheap macs.

    people who know what they want will pay for Macs. if they don't know what they want, they won't care if they got a Mac.

    Jul 14, 08:51 AM
    Currently, prices of Xeons seem to hover between $500 and $1000. And note: these are RETAIL PRICES for consumers! Apple's prices for those CPU's would be considerably less. So I don't see Apple having any problems offering quad-Woodcrest for under $4000. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if we saw quad-Woodcrest for under $3000!Gee I hope you're right. Quad MacIntels For Under $3k Would Be A Miracle. Thanks for the heads up. :rolleyes:

    Nov 29, 05:19 PM
    Maybe you can do video iChat sessions with an optional iSight camera right from the livingroom TV?

    This reminds me of the old Zenith TVs with space phones where you could talk to a caller from the comfort of your sofa. (but voices usually sounded like it was underwater).

    I still have one of those

    Nov 27, 08:45 PM
    I cycle to work and school daily (except in the coming winter months) and I gotta tell you, cyclists who listen to music while they ride are clearly not very concerned for their own or anyone else's safety! No offense, but for your mother's sake, I hope she keeps the volume REALLY low, or doesn't use the iPod at all. It's rather dangerous, IMHO.

    She definitely tries to be safe about it and listens to her music at a low volume. It's more just to keep her mind off of the long ride. You're are totally right though - on my college campus, I see cyclists all the time who are completely oblivious to their surroundings, and have no regard whatsoever for traffic law.

    Edit: It should be mentioned, as well, that the majority of her ride is on a bike/running path along a river, and far from any roads.

    Oct 14, 06:51 PM
    Does anyone know about a case with an LED flash or something of the like? Doesn't even need to actually be a case, it could be some sort of add-on. I try and I try but I can't find one... Anyone with info please reply!

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