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  • h1r0ll3r
    Apr 7, 12:01 PM
    DO Want :D

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  • Reefbone
    Feb 10, 12:50 PM
    I have the 450 minute plan for $29.99. Kinda worried I won't be able to do this. I see mention of people on the same plan for $39.99 and that price point being one of the qualifiers.

    UPDATE: Spoke to ATT: If I add the unlimited M2M then I lose my Corporate discount... I'm kinda torn as I have been steadily blowing through my rollovers minute this past year. I started with close to 2000 minutes of rollover and am down to only 50mins left. I would have to spend $15 more per month to the the feature but @.45/min over 450 it could get ugly quick. Torn...

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  • b-rad g
    Feb 10, 11:37 AM
    I'm still on an older Family 850 plan for $50.99 and it's not showing up. Is it because you have to be on a current 700+ Family Plan? If so, I don't think it would do me any good as the 700 plan cost more than the 850 I'm on now.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Dec 25, 11:22 PM
    For me an unexpected gift was a kindle. I never really expressed much interested in them to either of my parents but they do know I like to read. I always though it was kind of a limited device and then I am given on. Get a book on and and started reading to day. I have to say I am very surpised and find that I really like. People are not kidding whey they say eink is very nice to read off of. Much nicer than a back lite LCD screen (iPad, iPod, iPhone). I see my reading going up a lot now.

    Also got Halo Reach
    New wallet
    Tune up for my mountain bike.
    Some legos
    and clothing.

    Best part was enjoying time with my family.


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  • iCrizzo
    Apr 7, 08:41 AM
    No problems for me, probably just to patch up the jailbreak.

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  • Zwhaler
    Jan 9, 05:34 PM
    I agree that we put lots of pressure to release the iPhone on Steve. But I am dissapointed to say the least.


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  • Vivid.Inferno
    Oct 14, 01:45 AM
    mine currently

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  • RonC
    May 2, 08:59 PM
    Thanks to all the previous help, I've been overly successful. The last app went over so big that the suits have asked for more.

    They've asked for another internal app that will step a user through a sequence of steps to install a device. The steps look like:


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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 26, 11:26 PM
    What makes lesbian porn so likable?

    Dude....are you serious?

    Has your hypothalamus been damaged?

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  • gnasher729
    Mar 25, 11:04 AM
    I think google has a lock on the map thing. I can't see apple employees driving around remapping the world to get their own data base

    Why not? The USA for example has only 4 million miles of roads. A car with driver + passenger + some decent equipment should be able to map say 10 miles per hour, at a cost of $50 per hour. 200 cars for a year, that's 20 million dollars. And then you have a database that you can sell, and that you can use everywhere. Then write an iPhone app that lets users make corrections, lets businesses add their locations etc. and you are ready.


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  • Alrescha
    Mar 2, 09:04 AM
    Install disks that come with a machine are restricted to install on only that machine type. This is true of both server and non-server disks.

    The server key is not restricted (at least in my experience).


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  • your aby#39;s discomfort

  • eddiexhart
    Mar 11, 11:15 AM
    Anybody planning on going to this one?

    239 Los Cerritos Center
    Cerritos, CA 90703

    I'm about to head out and wait, hopefully the first one!


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  • sm.wilson
    May 2, 08:50 PM
    its okay to disconnect when the device removes itself from itunes, and the computer says its ok.

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  • DiamondMac
    Apr 6, 02:48 PM
    Because I was aiming that at people who were throwing a hissy fit and going to Verizon. So your point had nothing to do with mine!! I wasn't addressing everyone upset with the price increase. ANd yes, I do think going to some one who will end up being worse than the company you are pissed at in the regards of what you are pissed at as throwing a hissy fit! It would be one thing if you were changing and Verizon cost more but you were pissed at AT&T cause you hated their customer service. But being pissed cause they made a deal they had less of a deal and going to a place that doesn't even offer that deal in the first place? I call that throwing a hissy fit and making no sense.

    Yes, it had a lot to do with them. Many who are leaving have a legitimate gripe with AT&T and if they want to take their business elsewhere b/c a purely financial decision by AT&T, so be it. Even if the finances may not add up at first. Taking your business elsewhere IS what many want to do.

    As I said above, if AT&T cancelled my unlimited and I was left with 2 similar choices (between AT&T & Verizon) BUT would need to spend extra with Verizon due to swithcing...I would do it in a heartbeat even with it not making much financial sense at the time.

    So yes, that was directly at what you were saying.

    Oh, cost of running business? Cost of upkeep of equipment, cost of upkeep of building and building rent. Cost of wages because as prices go up everywhere cost of living goes up therefore you end up giving people a pay reduction if you don't reflect cost of living increases in wage increases? Not everything is tied down to just the prices of the phones (after all, it's not just the iphone that is increasing in price). And their cost of running a business will reflect in their prices. They aren't a charity and if their costs increase, they will reflect that in prices to the extent that they can do it without losing too much revenue (they do keep in mind what will keep them the most profit and that does include losing business).
    Ah ok, so you have nothing. Just the same old line used by AT&T whenever they raise the price


    The fact that you wrote the "Everyone wants money" line shows me how far over your head my point went.


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  • Moyank24
    Apr 24, 01:05 AM
    How very original for you to say that. It doesn't make all of my decisions. It doesn't do my thinking for me. I make my own decisions, I just happen to agree with a lot of what this "2000 year old book" says. This is one of those times where I agree.

    This is how I feel about this whole "gay" thing.
    Verse 22

    Instead of saying how you felt, you linked to a passage from the bible. So in this case, you are letting the book do your thinking for you.

    22 ��Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

    As a lesbian, I take this passage to mean that having sex with a man is detestable. So, what you're saying is that you find it detestable for a woman to have sex with a man? Lesbians everywhere thank you for your support.

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  • techfreak85
    Apr 22, 08:16 PM
    Come on guys! We gotta get crankin' out WUs again! We seem to have lost a lot of that steam that we had a month or two ago. Losing bigadv for OS X has been an issue, hopefully we will get a new client soon!
    I am disappointed that my output has dropped, especially over the last few days...I reformatted my computer, but I should be back up now. In a few weeks, after I am done with this Final Cut project, I might boot into Windows and crank out some bigadvs + GPU to give us a boost.


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  • twoodcc
    Mar 14, 09:54 PM
    Hey we finally passed someone! Keep up the good work guys! Only 3.2 weeks till we pass another team! We should really start kicking butt again when a new OS X client comes out so us Mac/Hackintosh folders can run Bigadvs again!

    yes we did! we are now ranked #61! keep it up!:cool:

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  • Willson
    Oct 9, 04:12 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7D11 Safari/528.16)

    Loving this so far!

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  • aby#39;s age.

  • macsaregoodmkay
    Apr 27, 06:12 PM
    For the record, it's really easy to access the file. Didn't even need the phone, the file is on your computer. The iPhone Tracker software finds the file for you. Literally took me 2 minutes to do.

    Can't wait to get 2 minutes alone with my EX's computer! -kidding, I could care less, but you get the idea.

    May 12, 01:08 PM
    I wrote that, so I'm sure I'm the one who misspelled NEW. It should say NEW themes, not NEWS themes. If you get a chance to fix it, you can remove my post too :)

    May 2, 04:08 PM
    I can't give blood for another few months yet since I was in some not so nice places in the world. I think a year away from such countries is the rule if memory serves me right.

    Dec 3, 02:50 AM
    My current 2 wallpapers on both my Moto Droid and MBP:

    Mar 20, 12:31 PM
    I send out a lot of resumes but no real nibbles yet.

    Don't send out resumes. Put together a portfolio and arrange a meeting.

    Tell them you're the best thing since sliced bread, and you'll do anything (almost ;)) to prove it to them. I wouldn't give a resume a second glance, but could easily spend 15 minutes looking over an aspiring designer's work.

    If your work is good and you present it and yourself well, it should be enough to get your foot in the door somewhere. Be prepared to discuss your decision making process in detail.

    Aug 13, 05:59 PM
    I miss this little guy.

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